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Today’s society is continually demanding easier, cheaper, and more accessible technology. The evolving world of entertainment and the internet is constantly advancing and allowing technology to reach every corner all over the world. The internet is available on computers, cell phones, and tablets. With the internet being so widely available it was only a matter of time until it became a competitor to the traditional cable and movie rental companies. Not long ago, the only option was to pay a cable company for package of TV channels of a wide mix of shows with commercials or you could rent a movie. If you wanted to watch a TV show but were not home you would have to record it if you wanted to be able to watch it at your convenience. A PVR or DVR was a device that came out that allowed people to record shows to watch or rewind live TV. Up to this point the only way to watch a TV show without commercials was to purchase a TV series which would be fairly expensive. Media streaming through the internet is the latest advancement for getting what you want to see, when you want it, without commercials and viewable on anything that gets the internet at a fraction of the price over other methods.

Watching what I want, when I want, where I want and paying almost nothing for it sounds perfect to me! I’m a not a tech savvy person but once I learned how to stream and play the shows and music I wanted I have never looked back. I do watch some regular TV shows through cable but it’s just so much better when I can watch a movie or show from start to finish with no commercial breaks at the cliff hanger moments. It’s hard to go back to the more traditional ways of watching and listening to music once you have been spoiled with no commercials worked around your schedule.


In order to stream to your phone, tablet, or computer you have to have an internet connection. You can sign up as a member with one of the companies that offer streaming and download their App to your phone or tablet. When you are on a computer you need to have a browser with Microsofts Silver Light Plug In installed. If you do not have the browser you need, the website will let you know and you just need to download it from that site. In order to stream to your TV, you need to have a smart TV that gets the internet or purchase a media player that you can hook up to your TV that will then allow you to stream. There are a wide range of media players that range from allowing you to stream media and using the internet directly from your TV up to some that come with added features such as built in subwoofers to enhance your surround sound system.


Many companies are jumping on board with the new technology and creating websites that you can sign up for a cheap monthly membership and stream as many TV shows or music as you want. Some of the different websites are:, google play,,, and


Netflix is probably the most widely known media streaming website known from all their commercial ads, operating in forty countries with over 35 million members. Netflix has been in business since 1997 when four co-workers decided to start the business adventure together. Hastings, one of the founders started Netflix with two and a half million dollars after he was charged over $40 in late fees for returning a late movie to the store. Hastings had the idea of providing entertainment to people at affordable prices while still making a great profit. Today, Netflix is worth almost $950 million. You can read all about the history in the full documentary Netflix It – The History of the Multi-Million Dollar Company.

For under $8.00 per month you have an unlimited access to all the latest movies and popular TV shows. Signing up for a membership is very easy, all you need to do is go to, then click on the Start Free Month button. This will take you to the Netflix Member Sign up where you register. Very little personal information besides your name, email address and a credit card are required to sign up on or any other media downloading website. As soon as you set up your membership you can start watching your favorite shows just by going to and then to netflix login where you enter in your email address and password. You don’t sign a contract or a long commitment, just a 30 day cancellation notice is all that is required. I loved the fact I wouldn’t be logged into a contract with Netflix for a long time and if I didn’t use it or didn’t like it, it would be easy to stop the service.

I found Netflix to be very easy to navigate through and find the netflix sign in section as well as browse the different categories movies are sorted into. Whether you love Action, Anime, Foreign Movies, Comedies, Indie Movies, TV shows, etc. it’s all available on An important note to mention here is that if you have not have a Netflix membership you will not be able to browse for full list of movies and shows that are available. If you do have a membership just log in Netflix to see the extensive amounts of movies and TV shows offered to current members. After you have watched a movie or TV show, you are given the opportunity to rate it for future Netflix members to see what other thought of it before watching it. No matter what I am in the mood for I can always find it on Netflix. Newly released movies and TV shows are continually being release and Netflix even has a section just for recently added category that will save you time with not having to go search every section to see what is new.


Google Play Movies & TV is an application you can stream movies or TV shows onto your Android cell or tablet. A great option that is available on Google Play Movies & TV is that you have quick and easy access to your own personal videos including ones you take on your phone or tablet. Over 26,000 users have given this app a 5 star rating. TV shows are currently only available to be watched if you are in the United States. One of the great options that I really like about Google Play offers is the availability to download my movie or TV show and watch it when I’m not on the internet. This is a perfect option if I go camping and don’t want to go too long without watching something. There is no membership required for Google Play Movies & TV, however each individual movie or TV show has to be purchased. The advantage with Google Play Movies & TV to this is you only pay for what you want to watch and there are no on-going fees if you never go back to the app. Another nice feature with Google Play is that there are other links and options that are available that don’t require switching apps to enjoy. Music, books, magazines, movies & TV, and Android Apps are all available on Google Play. It’s a ‘One Stop Shop”.

HULU.COM is a newer company that available in the United States and Japan. /plus is offering a 1 week free membership trial to stream movies and TV shows available to watch on your computers, iPad, iPhone, Playstation3, Roku, Sony TV and Bluerays. is continuing to add more compatible devices so it is easily available. Membership cost is just under $ 8 per month, which is competitive with, however this is some advertising. The limited advertising on is used to help keep the membership cost very low. offers an affordable monthly membership that can be cancelled anytime. If you are not sure what to give someone as a gift you can purchase gift certificates for a membership on Another great idea for a gift is a Media Streaming Stick that will allow them to get on their TV. What I liked best about is that the Hulu Plus membership is the only internet membership that is out there that allows you to stream current TV seasons as well as an extensive library of past ones.


YIDIO.COM is a United States founded company that has been around for over 5 years and has over 3,000,000 members. is a hub where it combines all the shows that are available on Netflix, Hulu, and several others. You can search for your favorite show or movie in one spot and see where it is available. Yidio allows you to be connected with the other websites but have the convenience of just going to to view and choose what you would like to watch. Yidio makes it very easy to look up, find additional information on, read reviews and watch whatever you would like. I liked being able to search by Source, Alphabetical order, Genre, or TV Channel. has the most flexible way to search and find any movie or TV show.

CRACKLE.COM is a website that offers hundreds of movies and TV shows uncut and they are all for free. A membership is required to be able to log into and watch any of the media, however, you do not have to pay for it. has a great FAQ and troubleshooting area on their site, which makes it easy to solve any issues you are having. I found that section very useful, as I can be somewhat challenged with new technology and every website is a little different. Another feature that I loved that has is a Watchlist that allows you to scroll through the shows and select which ones you want to add to your list to watch later. When you decide to watch the movie or show later, simply just log into your account on and go to your Watchlist. You don’t need to search through all the different lists to find what you already knew you would want to watch. Another feature on is a section called Top Movies and Just Added.

TIME WARNER CABLE is a large company that offers internet, cable, and phone services all across the United States at great rates to almost 29,000,000 customers. Even if you streaming your TV shows and movies, you still need to have an internet provider such as You can choose from buying each service individually or as a bundled package for added savings. One of the benefits of having a package from is you never have to wait for the newest shows to become available to watch on streaming. You can watch them when they are launched to the public. also have a great feature on their website that allows you to sign into your account and manage it yourself. Everything you need is available and easy to find. also offers incredible specials and discounts for changing your service to them such as the current promotion of $200 reward card.

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Apple TV Processor

Apple TV Processor

If you are wanting to buy, rent or stream movies to your TV this processor makes it easy to play content from your HDTV Play movies, IPhone, IPad, Netflix etc. iTunes Store account, Netflixs or any other applicable membership would be required for you to use their network and are not provided with this system. System Requirements: - Wi-Fi (802.11a, b, g, or n) wireless network (wireless video streaming requires 802.11a, g, or n) or 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network

Netflix It - The History of the Multi-Million Dollar Company

Netflix It - The History of the Multi-Million Dollar Company

Netflix is the largest internet streaming movie and TV show company in the world. Learn the history behind the leading company that has made watching movies and TV shows with no commercials, on your time, and for little cost. Netflix was was not an overnight success, it's full of heartbreaks, betrayals, and failure. Through it all they never gave up on the dream of building an empire that would make entertainment affordable to many more people.

Cube with Google TV. Voice Search and Advanced Remote Control

Cube with Google TV.  Voice Search and Advanced Remote Control

Top of the line Digital Media Streamer with advanced 2 sided remote control with Qwerty keyboard and voice search. Use this media streamer to browse the internet and watch TV shows. You can connect to popular entertainment websites to stream TV shows, movies, and musics from such sites as Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and many more.